(Gladiator 2000)

The Cornerstone Community Development Corporation



As you can see the devastation of Hurricane Mathew in October 2016 left The Cornerstone CDC with many challenges but the community rallied behind The Cornerstone CDC, we put our boot’s to the ground and went door to door to insure everyone had safe passage out of the flooded town of Duplin County  North Carolina and shelter for them and their families.

Darlene Leysath Executive Director : Took charge of the situation and placed certain protocol in place backed up with a plan which changed continuously to fit the days agenda. Quickly putting a team of CDC workers, members and community volunteers they help save Duplin from further devastation while addressing the immediate needs of the community.

She wasted no time in reaching out to the Red Cross Disaster Relief for their immediate assistant with, shelter, food and funds. With the help of other agencies similar to the Red Cross they were able make an immediate impact on the communities needs and help save a lot of lives, kept families together and provide shelter for the disenfranchised.